Creating an exceptional experience for your workforce requires that you understand how you are delivering services to your organization. HIT Future Solutions will help you determine how well you are delivering services, understand the risks and the value you are providing. This will enable you to invest the right amount of time and effort so that your organization can create an exceptional experience for the patients and the community you care for.


Planning in the past required a large investment in the waterfall project management process. HIT Future Solutions is dedicated to helping you adopt agile methodologies that will allow you to deliver the right solution at the right time. Development and Operations have been living in their own silos in the past. We will help you integrate the teams so that they are able to continuously deliver solutions that enable the care givers and the people that support them to provide a better patient experience, and to lower cost.


Healthcare Organizations have been focused on the acquisition of technology over the last 20 years. This makes sense with the adoption of the Electronic Health Record. The ability to deliver the right tools for your workforce requires that you are focused on the development of the right tools. HIT Future Solutions has years of experience in the healthcare industry and is helping health systems to rapidly develop high quality applications. The opening of API’s to integrate with the EHR will allow you to innovate, and differentiate your health system. We will work with you on the software, and will work with you to adopt Dev/Ops so you are able to continuously delver high quality solutions to your customers.


Innovation is necessary in Healthcare. HIT Future Solutions brings resources, and experience to help you succeed in your implementations. We have experience in the development of software for the healthcare industry, and running day to day operations of IT departments for healthcare. We will work with you to deliver the right solution, on time, and on budget and ensure that the consumers of the service have an exceptional experience.

R Statistics

Moving forward in Healthcare requires Analytics being applied to the data that you have access to. The language R is one of the top 2 languages used in this arena. In fact, this website was built on a toolset that was developed by R-Studio to allow simple work occur for data scientist and statiticians. The language R has over 12000 packages that were designed to enable Data Scientists and statiticians to rapidly take on analytics and Machine Learning.
The language has not only grown over the last 30 years, the environment platforms have also. R-Studio, Microsoft R Analytics, and Open Analytics have developed some great environments that enable you to work with this environment in the enterprise.

Neo4j Graph Databases

Native Graph databases enable understanding of relationships between concepts and observations better than the past database structures that we have used. Success in Healthcare is all about understanding the relationships. Please take a look at Neo4j graph database.

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Happy Trails to You

By Brett Taylor on July 29, 2018

I’ve been very fortunate to be in healthcare throughout my career. My introduction to the industry occurred when I took on a job in the O/R at Sutter Health. I ended up getting a position as a Surgical attendant in the O/R department at age 19 which was all about ensuring the patients were in the operating room at the right time and making sure the O/R was clean. While I ended up on the I.

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Leveraging Python in R to use the Neo4j Bolt driver

By Brett Taylor on May 17, 2018

Neo4j in the language R I have been fortunate to work with the Neo4j graph database using the language R over the last two years. A former data scientist that worked for Neo4j, Nicole White, implemented the package RNeo4j and released it in 2015. This solution enabled R developers and data scientists to access the Neo4j database in the R language. The package uses the Neo4j REST API and then process the data in a data.

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Native Graph Database, Neo4j, improves Healthcare

By Brett Taylor on May 1, 2018

Data are one of the most import resources in Healthcare to enable the Triple Aim. If you not familiar with the triple aim, it is focused on: Better Health Better Care Lower Cost Better health means that your organization and you are working on finding ways to create a better experience for the healthcare population that you support. Better care requires that you are delivering care at the highest level.

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HIT Future Now

By Brett Taylor on April 30, 2018

I have wanted to make a blog post for awhile to describe how I think we can extend the power of the Healthcare Information Technology environment. My focus has been on the development and the management of Healthcare I.T. since the late 1980’s. I have worked for several Health Systems, including Sutter Health, St. Luke’s Idaho, Tahoe Forest as an employee and as a consultant, I have worked with dozen’s of other Health Systems.

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