Business Opportunity

Happy Trails to You

I’ve been very fortunate to be in healthcare throughout my career. My introduction to the industry occurred when I took on a job in the O/R at Sutter Health. I ended up getting a position as a Surgical attendant in the O/R department at age 19 which was all about ensuring the patients were in the operating room at the right time and making sure the O/R was clean. While I ended up on the I.

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HIT Future Now

I have wanted to make a blog post for awhile to describe how I think we can extend the power of the Healthcare Information Technology environment. My focus has been on the development and the management of Healthcare I.T. since the late 1980’s. I have worked for several Health Systems, including Sutter Health, St. Luke’s Idaho, Tahoe Forest as an employee and as a consultant, I have worked with dozen’s of other Health Systems.

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